Health Bar Review: Taste and Health Tests

Health Bar Review

I am the type of person to love to try these different kinds of bars when I pass them in the grocery store. I usually just assume they are healthy and grab one every now and then on the go. But, I have never really given them a second look to see just what I am putting in my body. And if there is anything I have learned in the last year it is to not trust media’s marketing of what is and isn’t healthy. For those of you doing the Portion Fix plans, if I eat one of these I typically use it as a Treat Yellow, but that does not truly align with the plan. So if you are following strictly to the plan avoid these!

I am going to break this review down into 2 categories. A Health Test and a Taste Test and give you my favorite and least favorite in each of the categories. 

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Must Haves: Essentials for Carry-on travel

Just booked my flight to go to Summit in July with my awesome team of bosses! But it got me to thinking about travel and all that comes with it. So I present my must have…

The Must Haves: Essentials for Carry ons for travel Flying soon? First time or many times, some helpful tips to be sure you are packing everything you need in your carry-on bag
The Must Haves: Essentials for Carry ons for travel

Whether you are on a 2 hour flight hopping puddles across a few states or flying to another Country. There are some essentials to make your travel easier. And typically cheaper if thought of in advance too. And this girl is all about saving a dime!
So lets run through my list of My Must Haves!

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