Egg Quesadilla: Healthy But Tasty #21DayFixApproved

Wanted to whip up a quick breakfast before the mister and I headed out last weekend for some fun. This 21 Day Fix approved breakfast used the following containers:

1 Red- 1 egg, 2 strips of turkey bacon

1 Yellow- 1 6″ tortilla

1 Blue – Colby Jack Cheese

1 Purple – 2 slices of Fresh Cantaloupe

To make your quesadilla you will need to scramble the eggs with a bit of pepper. Pour this out on to your plate and cook your turkey bacon. When the turkey bacon is completely cooked tear it up into pieces. Now while the heat is still on but low in your saucepan place the tortilla in the pan just to get a little brown on it. Lay the eggs, turkey bacon pieces and cheese on one half of the tortilla. Fold over. Let the cheese melt. Cut down the middle and you have a quick and tasty 21 Day Fix approved breakfast! Add a side of cantaloupe to round out your breakfast and Enjoy!

Quesadilla Breakfast #21DayFixApproved

What are you eating for breakfast on the 21 Day Fix? Let me know in the comments below!

Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups

Shakeology Peanut Butter Cups: these tasty treats are 21 Day Fix approved, so easy to make, and only take 3 ingredients
This is by far my favorite Fix Approved dessert recipe out there. If you are a dark chocolate fan then you are going to love it!

Simple and easy 3 ingredients to make. This bitter sweet chocolate can be just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth. These are perfect while doing the 21 Day Fix, and you need that sweet chocolate treat to make it through the day. The husband and I have enjoyed satisfying our sweet tooth with this simple treat!

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