About Me

Hey y’all! Welcome, it means so much to me that you have come to join me on my journey here at the Mrs. Gets Fit. Our little household is made up of just the hubs and I. I always had dogs growing up and always wanted cats. So as soon as I could have them when out on my own I did!  And now I am blessed by three beautiful boy fur-babies that frequently make an appearance here and there across social media.  So be on the lookout for my boys!

So this is going to get deep really quickly. But I want you to know who I was and where I am coming from and be as honest and raw as I can be about it. Let me take you to September 2015:

  • I was working way too much for way too little
  • I did not love myself, in fact I could hardly look at myself in the mirror
  • I had been ruining my relationship with my husband for some time. And blaming it on him.
  • I was depressed, and in such denial about it I had the doctor order every blood draw possible to figure out what was wrong with me
  • If I wasn’t working I was sleeping
  • I stopped doing the things I loved
  • I was looking at Life in a very negative way
  • I ate the worst I ever had in my entire life
  • I weighed in at 283 lbs
  • I was miserable in so many way

But people looking in never would have known this. I put on a show that things were ok. And they weren’t.

I was living with my in-laws, my husband had already moved down to Texas where he was starting school at the University of North Texas. Where I was set to join him later. A picture of what I looked like was posted on Facebook. I said no. That cannot be me. There is no way. But it was. I had let myself get so far gone I didn’t even know who that girl was. I had a realization while he was away. My life was going to go one of 2 ways. We were going to continue down the road we were on. And at the end of that road I saw divorce. Me spiraling even deeper into depression and hand in hand with that anxiety taking over my life. Or I could change. But I didn’t know how to change.

Then my husband’s box of Shakeology showed up on our doorstep. This sign combined with my other realizations gave me the step I needed. I texted him “I am stealing your shakes.” The shakes he had been trying to get me to try for 8 months prior. But I refused. I started working out with my Father in laws Beachbody program, Cize. I loved it. I did this in the basement of my in laws. And then when I joined my husband in TX I did it there too. Then he and I in October 2015 he and I did our first program together. 21 Day Fix. This changed everything for us. We were working towards a common goal.

He saw an energy and light in me that I hadn’t shown in a long time. And I began to see it too. I began to loose weight. I began to feel good. I began to be happy again. I learned to love myself again. Then in addition to this I found an amazing community of people all using Beachbody products that were the most positive and supportive people I have ever met in my life. I found my place. And through this experience I learned that I had been given an opportunity to do something I had always loved and been at the core of every job and every project I had ever been a part of. I could help people.

So I did. I began coaching ladies just like me to help them find their light again. Whether that be loosing weight, toning, or fitting into the skinny jeans again. I have loved every second of helping others achieve a healthier lifestyle in all aspects. Just know you are not alone in this process. And do not give up hope. Everyone can learn to love themselves again. It just takes you choosing to start.

If you are looking for one on one coaching and this sounds right to you I would love to talk to you. Set up a time for us to chat. I cannot wait to hear from you!