21 Day Fix : My Review

What is it?

-Daily 30 minute workouts set in rounds of 21 Days. You will receive DVDs with 7 workouts and a bonus workout. Workouts use a heavy and a light set of hand weights (resistance bands are an optional item). All workouts have options to modify to make this program work literally for anyone.

  • Total Body Cardio Fix- Keep your heart rate up and your metabolism revved high long after the workout is over.
  • Upper Fix- Targeted resistance training helps shape your chest, back, shoulders, arms and abs.
  • Lower Fix- Firm and tone your entire lower body while you blast fat and burn calories.
  • Pilates Fix- Strengthen your core, elongate your muscles, and firm your hips and thighs.
  • Cardio Fix- Get your heart pumping and your body moving as you melt away the pounds.
  • Dirty 30- 4 rounds of fat-burning exercises help carve out a leaner, stronger physique.
  • Yoga Fix- Improve your balance, flexibility, and strength as you help your muscles.
  • *Bonus 10 Minute Fix for Abs- The ultimate ab workout.

-A dialed in meal plan guide based on you. Autumn has created a color coded portion control system that is so important to your success. Containers are included.

-Shakeology, a dense nutrition shake that has 70 superfoods, protein, all of the vitamins you need in a day. For about $4 a serving! It is the best ‘fast food’ you can have! (if you look down at my experience below you can see why this stuff changed the game for me, I call it my secret sauce)

-Me as your coach and monthly accountability groups to keep you in the game!


Well this is the best part, from anywhere! Most likely in your living room though! Monthly Accountability groups are held on the Team Beachbody My Challenge App on your smart phone. This allows you to work with other women just like you pushing to reach their goals. Our accountability groups have Tips, Recipes, Encouragement and Motivation and much more!


Who is it for?

Literally everyone! These are some scenarios in which I have really seen people thrive using this program:
-Feel like you eat healthy? But just cannot seem to loose weight? This is for you.

-Been working out but just have not gotten the results that you want. 21 Day Fix and its ability to work multiple muscle groups paired with an amazing nutrition plan can help you obtain the success you need.

-Have been out of shape for some time and just need to start again. 21 Day Fix is a great place to start! Especially for your nutritions sake!

-Never exercised in your life? Yes. You can do this.


How can I get it?

This program and a month supply of Shakeology all come with the added bonus of being involved in all future Accountability Groups I hold. The best way to make this purchase is with a Challenge Pack. The Accountability Groups are key in helping you meet your goal. You can find a workout program and meal plan many places, but the community of others doing the same motions as you is what can really make a huge difference.

Take a look in the shop tab or just click here! Just be sure it says Cristin Johnson in your Coach Referral box, so I can assist you along the way. I will message you shortly after your purchase and we will get you set up in a Accountability group.


My Personal Experience

I did this program mainly to support my husband in December 2014 and only made it through the workouts for a week and ate mostly right the entire 3 weeks. I did see results, but not what I was wanting. The next time I attempted this program was almost a year later. And this time I had Shakeology in my court and was running one of my first Accountability groups. What a difference a year can make in your mindset and ambition. My first time officially completing the program I had amazing results:

21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round

My head was in the game the next time I started. And that is part of my success my second attempt. I had a group of about 8 woman, and one awesome gentleman all sharing and completing this with me. Were the workouts hard? Yes. Did I always want to do them? No. But I had those wonderful people with me every day feeling the same way and pushing me to try harder, and try anyway.

I also have notoriously been a terrible Diet Coke drinker. I craved it like crazy the first attempt I had at 21 Day Fix. Shakeology saved me the second time. I have mostly used the Chocolate Shakeology and this is just the perfect sweet item that gets me through my day. Also kept me away from my ice cream cravings as it is super easy to make it into a thicker consistency pretty similar to ice cream and kick that craving in the butt.

21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round21 Day fix, Mrs in Bows Review

Nutrition wise, 21 day fix was life changing. Using the color coding system you begin to look at food differently. All those times you ate edamame at the asian restaurant and thought you were chowing on some vegetables. Guess what? They were Carbs. Yup. And speaking of carbs, you won’t have to give those up. Just portioning everything out appropriately throughout the day. You can even have Chipotle! The plan easily works with a on the go lifestyle.

21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round21 day Fix Review21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round21 Day Fix Review

All in all this program is about creating a lifestyle. I eat in colors now. I know how many I should eat in a day and the sizes of the portions. I know I can get a 30 minute workout every day as long as I set my priorities straight. This program even tells you to have wine! Heck have wine up to 3 times a week! Who can complain about that? I recommend this to anyone looking to revamp their lifestyle into a healthier, manageable, and fit one.

Ready to join us? Click the image below.

21 Day Fix with the Mrs. Gets Fit, review of first round



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